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Our Process

Design Meeting

Our process begins with an initial meeting to mutually explore design ideas. We offer a free design consultation and will enter the design components into our computer to produce a CAD drawing of the finished piece of jewelry. In order to create a price estimate we will also discuss the type of metal that we will use to cast your piece and select diamonds and/or gemstones that we will set in your finished piece of jewelry.

Plastic 3d Printed Model

You will be invited back in a short time to review a plastic 3D printed model of your design. Now you get to try on your jewelry item and we can even set your gemstones or diamonds in the piece so that you can get the fit and feel of the finished piece of jewelry. This is the time to make any changes you would like to see made to your future heirloom. This is also the time that we will provide you with a price on the finished product. Once we have an approved design and plastic model, we will require a deposit.

Finished Jewelry

In 2 weeks or less your finished piece of jewelry will be ready for pickup. This is our most coveted moment in the jewelry business. Nothing makes our day more than the wow factor of the finished piece of jewelry being worn for the first time.

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